About Hall Tavern Lumber

Hall Tavern Farm is a 500 acre family-owned farm in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Owned by the Healy family for nearly 100 years, the farm sensitively manages its farm and forestry resources, and harvests and processes them into building materials that are then sold directly to the public.

It is the oldest privately-owned tree farm in the state and has twice been voted Massachusetts Tree Farm of the Year. It is also a working farm  producing hay, maple syrup, vegetables and firewood.

The Healy family recently placed a non-development restriction on the farm, ensuring that its natural beauty will be protected forever from development.


Read about Hall Tavern Farm's Jay Healy, a former state legislator and Agriculture Secretary, and his "vocation" running our sawmill.

What We Do

The Sawmill at Hall Tavern Farm specializes in wide plank flooring and other wood products, as well as custom sawing, kiln-drying and planing. Our customers include home and business owners, independent hardware stores and contractors in the New England area.

Products include posts and beams (up to 24 ft. in length), wide pine and oak (sometimes quarter-sawn), V-groove, shiplap, tongue and groove finished flooring, barnboard finished siding, custom moulding, plus bark mulch and firewood. The majority of the wood we mill is Eastern White Pine selectively cut from the farm’s own tree farm, although we also saw our own Hemlock, Oak, Ash and Cherry.

The Green Choice

Hall Tavern Farm wood products are a "green" choice with little or no carbon footprint.  80% of our mill's electricity is solar-generated, while our wood waste boiler heats our kiln. Most trees travel less than a mile from our forest to our mill. The result: Our mill is essentially off the grid and our forest sequesters more carbon through our thoughtful forest management plan. We pass these savings on to our customers.

70% of our milled products are from our farm's trees while remaining business involves milling, drying, and planing material brought to our farm by customers.

In addition, our storage area, which accommodates up to 20,000 board feet, enables us to serve our commercial clients' customers, as we sell to their customers via referrals.

Contact/Find Us

We're a traditional business, so the best way to reach us is by calling Jay at (617) 875-8817 or Jared at (413) 834-1736. You can also email Jay at

(That's Jay on the right above, and Jared on the left and in the large photo taking a beam off the saw.)

You can stop by, but it is usually best to call for an appointment as we might be in the woods.

We are right on the Mohawk Trail (Route 2) in East Charlemont, Massachusetts, about 2 ½ miles west of Shelburne Falls or 4 miles east of Charlemont.

Do not use this block.